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Rehearsals are over and the Wondrous Book turns over a new page!

Friday 13th November 2015

It has been such a pleasure to work with such an amazing and driven creative team on this show. Lots of hard work and determination and finally 'Mickey and the Wondrous Book' is open to the highly anticipated audience at Hong Kong Disneyland.

The show:
"The story is set in a magical library, where our adventurous hero Mickey and his trusty sidekick Goofy discover a magical book that can bring stories to life. When curious Mickey opens the book, the comical snowman Olaf falls out. While trying to get Olaf back inside, Mickey is magically drawn into the book. From here, Mickey sets out to find Olaf’s story after discovering the magic of the book and the power of its stories. Finally, Mickey and Goofy come across the incredible story of “Frozen” and restore Olaf to his rightful place."

There are many people to thank for the rehearsal process being as sucsessful at it was, but special thanks have to be made to Sylvia Hase (Director), Micheal Cothren Peña (Choreographer)and Rony Fortich (Musical Director).




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Official Resident of Hong Kong!

Saturday 10th October 2015

I am now living in Hong Kong and absolutely love it! Apart from the many culture shocks, I can see myself being very happy here!

Reharsals at DisneyLand Hong Kong are all a-go and are going great! I have met some lovely people and can't wait to open the new show at the Storybook Theatre this November with my new Disney family!


"Ohana Means Family!"

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I'm now an Official LCM BA Graduate!

Friday 24th July 2015


Today I graduated London College of Music with a First Class Honours Degree in Musical Theatre!

Three years of hard work and fun all paid off!

The only way is up from here- EXCITING TIMES!!


Huge congratulations to my fellow graduates, memories that will never be forgotten.

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I'm going to be a Disney Princess!

Sunday 5th July 2015

I am so excited to announce that I will be relocating to Hong Kong for an 8 month contract with Disneyland Hong Kong! I am being hired as a full time vocalist in one of their new Disney Princess shows starring as 'Merida'. This has been a dream of mine from such a young age to work with disney and it's finally happening! Better get working on my Scottish accent!


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'Jurassic Lark The Musical '- Remote Goat Review!

Sunday 17th May 2015

"Hilarious, wild, Jurrasically worth it."
by Jamie Body for remotegoat on 07/05/15


Jurassic Lark. The musical from the perspective of the Dinosaurs.

What better why to prepare yourself for the release of Jurassic World then to watch a comedy spoof about Jurassic Park told through the medium of Musical Theatre!

 Flamenco Dancing, more animal hats then I knew existed, props galore and a PMSing T-Rex this, show is hilarious and is well worth a watch.

Taking on iconic scenes from the first movie and pointing out how ridiculous they can be at times, I feel like I need to go back and watch the first movie now.

The stella cast is made up of only 4 actors. Such a great showcase for each performer, the cast bring a whole host of characters,accents and humour to what may seem at first to be an odd choice of film to make into a musical. Each cast member was equally as talented as the next, whether it was Alice Frankham's amazing accents, Ariane Sallis's comedic gospel vocals and running, Greg Airey’s flamenco dancing or Matt Lee-steer’s PMS T-rex and rap skills. Each cast member is hilarious and a great asset to the show.

The minimalistic set really adds to the hilarity of the show and I almost feel it would not work as well if it was scaled up. Great use of audio and lighting really helps move the narrative along and in such a small space it really helps give more depth and content to the scenes.

I presume most of the props were bought from a toy shop and that along with some well known songs remixed to a Jurassic Park theme each scene has you laughing more and more. My favourite song I have to saw was Clawed finger - sung to the tune of Shirly Bassey’s Gold Finger.

My personal favourite scene involved Greg Airey’s Flamenco dancing Dilphosaurus dinosaur, where both he and Ariane Sallis reenact the iconic scene from the movie with Wayne Knight.

Not only are we able to relive some of our favourite movie scenes we also get to see the dinosaurs in an ‘ever day situation environment’. Getting the 'meet' the dinosaurs' poses for some of the best laughs of the night. I take my hat off to the cast as between all 4 of them they manage to cover pretty much every actor or actress in the first film all within 90 minutes. 

Definitely worth checking out. The Audience were laughing...

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'Jurassic Lark The Musical '

Saturday 11th April 2015


Instead of me playing Ilse in LCM's Spring Awakening, I will now be in a new musical...

'Jurrasic Lark The Musical' (Talkwood Productions Ltd)

20-22nd April @ The Canal Cafe, London (SOLD OUT)

Book Tickets:

5-9th May @ The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, London

Book Tickets:

14-15th May @ Leicester Square Theatre, London

Book Tickets:

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'Looking for Oz' Summer Tour!

Wednesday 11th March 2015

So excited to announce that I will be playing the lead role of 'Dorothy' in this year's Talent Artistc Group's summer tour of Looking for Oz touring the South West!

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'Touch Me'- Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening!!

Tuesday 10th March 2015

Thing's were heating up in today's Spring Awakening rehearsals- Almost learnt the entire show musically! Matt Ramplin works fast!


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Spring Awakening!!

Friday 6th March 2015

I have just been cast as Ilse in London College of Music's production of 'Spring Awakening'!


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